Who I am

My name is Michael Kohlegger. I am a Lecturer and Researcher in Information System at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein. I am doing research and teach in the fields of (unintended) IT concequences, data engineering and data analytics. I have a professional background in Business Analysis and systems design.

As a researcher I try to understand how people and technology find together and make each other what they are. As a teacher I like to help people finding their own ways in the Information Systmes domain and exploit exciting new topics along the way.

In my spare time I am a family person and an enthusiastic runner on ultra distances and trails.


I am currently working as a researcher and lecturer in the field of Informaitons Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein. There I am mainly focusing on Data Engineering and Analytics but also other related subjects such as Web Business or Collaboration Systems. Before that, I have been spending some years as a Business Analyst for an International NGO. In this role I was primarily acting as a link between business domain people and software developers.

My original roots lie in engineering. I have been trained as an engineer for mechatronics and have been working in production and design. After that I decided to shift my focus towards business and administration and did my Diploma studies in this field. This is also where I first came into contact with the research areas Business Informatics and Information Systems. I decided  to dig deeper into these fields and did my PhD in Information Systems. My own research focused on how ill-structured work can be supported with applications. The title of my dissertation was “Augmenting Personal Workspaces for Monitoring”.

I spend several years of my professional career as a researcher and lecturer in Information Systems. I taught Business Process Management, Data Management and Information Management in undergraduate and graduate programmes. As a researcher I participated in several research projects of the European Union – Mature-IP (FP7) and Learning Layers (FP7).

My professional interest is in the areas of organizational development, business process elicitation, analysis and re-engineering, formal modelling of business processes and data as well as conceptualizing technical solutions. Apart from that I am very interested in conceptualizing data structures – both relational as well as multidimensional – and I am particularly interested in big data and its analysis.

My research interest is especially in the area of research philosophy (i.e., axiology, ontology and epistemology). With Information Systems, I am keen on learning how humans and technology enact themselves in a constant process of use and reuse. I am however, also very interested on research in the areas that I am professionally interested in.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family. Apart from that I have been a volunteer Paramedic for more than 15 years and have been working as a trainer for Basic Life Support and Advance Life Support as well Trauma Management for non-professionals and paramedics. Most recently I joined the Ultra Running community and began training for long-distance races in the mountains. At the moment I do up to 120 kilometer races with an altitude gain of about 7000 metres. My long-term goal is somewhere around 100 miles (170k) and a lot more of elevation gain to take.



In my research I am asking how individuals use and produce technologies to support weakly structured activities in their daily businesses. But I am also interested in topics that are related to my professional work. Among these interests are Big Data Processing, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Simulation.

But Research does not only take place in labratories. Results want to be shown. That is why I presented the results of my recent research at the second Science Slam in Innsbruck.

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